Appointments with Rachel

Hello!  Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work!  

My last big New Request Day (5/30/18) was awesome, I have a ton of new emails about fun new tattoo projects! Thank you!! If you sent me a request form please be patient as I read through them all and get back to every in order…

My books are now closed again.  I’ll do another big Request Day in a few months (probably early Fall), and I’ll post about it in advance (watch my Facebook or Instagram for updates!)

Between now and then – if you’d like to run your idea by me (to see if it’s worth the wait or not) you can email a brief description to me at

*And nope – I never give out price quotes – sorry!*  I simply charge by the hour (see FAQ)

Thanks!  As always I truly appreciate all your patience!  Please see my Instagram feed to follow all my exciting new work…

I'm not currently taking on any new project requests at this time.

Please check back again soon.