Appointments with Rachel


Hello!  Thanks for taking an interest in my work!

True, I’m not taking on new clients at this time… but soon (I’m thinking late July) I will announce another big Request Day!  I’ll post that date in advance right here, on Facebook, and on Instagram. Make note of the date, that’s when my Consultation Request Form will be back on this page!  On that day, fill out the form and wait for me to get back to you about a time for us to chat!

I only take on 20 new projects at a time, but I do a Request Day once every few months!

If you’d like to just run an idea past me (to see if it’s worth waiting for my next Request day or not), or if you’d like a recommendation for a trusted colleague that may be available sooner, please feel free to email me with a brief description of your idea at

*And nope – I never give out price quotes – sorry!*

Thanks!  As always I truly appreciate all your patience!  Please see my Instagram feed to follow all my exciting new work…

I'm not currently taking on any new consultation requests, please check back again soon.