Appointments with Rachel

Hello!  Thanks for taking an interest in my work!

Yes, my big Request Day was today – June 25th.  I have received a bunch of new consult requests and once again my books are closed… If you submitted a form today please be patientI will respond to every request one way or another (if I’m not right for your project I might refer you to a more qualified colleague)  It just might take me a few days to read through everything…

Consultations will take place throughout July and August, actual tattooing dates will be booked in August-October.

-> If you missed today’s window to submit but we have already been in contact and I already told you I was interested in your project, please email me at and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you… Otherwise hang tight, I’ll do another Request Day in a few months!

*And nope – I never give out price quotes – sorry!*

Thanks!  As always I truly appreciate all your patience!  Please see my Instagram feed to follow all my exciting new work…

I'm not currently taking on any new consultation requests, please check back again soon.