Appointments with James Kern

Hello everyone!

In order to maximize time devoted to creating art and serving my clients I am switching to a new system for new projects. I hope this will streamline the process and make sure that nobody gets left behind or lost in the process. I will be taking new project requests every 2-3 months on specific dates, and only those dates. I can only tattoo so many projects, so I will be limiting the number of new projects to 15-20 each time I take on new requests.

I understand that some of you may have emailed before, and I would like to ask that you submit again on the date mentioned. That way I will know that you are still interested in getting tattooed! I am trying to streamline, so going through old emails would be inefficient.

I am excited for all types of projects, and if I feel that I am not right for your project I will try to point you in the direction of someone who is. I want everyone to get the best art that they can!

I do not keep a waitlist, so please be ready with your ideas and be mentally (and financially) ready to start the project when you submit. I work primarily weekday afternoons (roughly noon-6pm) and one weekend day per week. I charge by the hour and have a 3 hour session minimum. If you are only available evenings or on weekends, it may not be possible to do your project. Please keep that in mind before submitting your request.

I am excited to create an amazing piece of art with you!

For general questions, please email

I'm not currently taking on any new project requests at this time.

Please check back on July 01, 2018