Do you want to get tattooed by James? Here’s how! Copy

Hello friends!

I am currently taking new clients

In order to improve the process of getting tattooed and that everyone will get a response when requesting work, I am opening my appointment books to new clients only 4-5 times a year. (Approximately every 10-12 weeks on a specific date)

This change is to ensure that I can respond to every request, with a yes, or a referral to another artist. Unfortunately, I can only tattoo so many projects. I want to be sure that everyone gets a great tattoo. Spending less time on email allows me to focus on art creation for my clients.

If you have submitted a request before and still want to get in for an appointment, (especially if you never heard back) please remember the date and resubmit. You are the reason for rethinking the appointment process. I don’t want to miss out on your awesome ideas.

For more information on submitting your ideas click here.